Privacy Police


We trully cares about your privacy. However, we need some data to be functional. The required data is collected, only the mininal is stored.

Data collected

In order to work properly, the following data will be collected:

  • Team: name, ID: used to check if the team has the Team version.
  • Users: ID: used to check if the user has Plus version, or if the team has the Team version and has the Black/White list feature active.
  • Message: several properties are collected and checked when a message is sent using this app. It includes: sender ID, team ID, channel ID, thread ID, message text. All those data are used to process the request only. None of them are stored.

Due to how Slack API works, we need to request access to a batch of information, even if the Bot only needs a few.
For instance: only admins can perform some actions, so Anonymous Bot needs to know if the current user is an admin. A simple yes/no response would be enough. However, Slack API sends other user's information (such as real name and timezone location). These pieces of information are not needed by the Bot but we can't opt out.
These data are not read, processed nor stored.

Note: ID here means the Slack ID. For instance: T0C6PCZ46.

Usage statistics

We collect only pseudonymised data for statistics purpose. For instance: 10 messages sent by 7 different users in a team.
Note that we can not identify the user, message nor team. These statistics does not include any plain personal information.

These data may be used for marketing purpose (eg: "Anonymous Bot is used for more than 1000 Slack Teams").

Website & Cookies

This website uses Google Analytics (see Google Analytics Terms of Service) which includes cookies. This applies for this website only. Not for the app/bot. This is not applicable when using the app from inside Slack.